I experence that "iNNER-EYE is a generous platform one can practice & experience the selfless service with ultimate compassion wherever you are; the concept of Humanitarian Volunteer Team encourages the volunteers to work for the needy peopole who are near to you and anywhere in the Indian states to bring its services via the teams to people." I joined iNNER-EYE in the begining during the COVID and I became more active by playing the Fundraising Manager role from the month of April 2020. So far I had an opportunity to help more than 12,000 homeless people for feeding them regulary by raising funds all over India. Now I am co-ordinating the Humanitarian Volunteer Team @ Haryana.

As a Fundraising Manager, I am engaged in the following works:
  • Managing information and recording the profile and fundraising activity of donors on a database
  • Developing and organising fundraising campaigns, events
  • Recruiting, organising and inspiring volunteers; and
  • Spotting fundraising opportunities and raising awareness of the organisation's work

Feeding Homeless People is ony of my causes and helping out in different ways specifically raising funds:

Homeless are among one of the most vulnerable groups of people impacted by many reasons personally & socially. In the cities, every corner and streets we have homeless people, most of them are older male & female (widows), disables, mentally disturbed and they are destitute & utterly helpless. The homeless people are hardly looking for food, drinking water & clothes which are the most essential things to survive life; for them the medical care is not possible at all. On the road, we have observed and experienced few of them are very sick – no food & clothes and are more likely to die. Homeless people congregate have long been a feature of many large cities to get people attention for begging to survive lives -- among many places, the Yeshwanthpur Railway & Bus Station, Mekri Circle, Malleswaram, and Government Hospital in Malleswaram, Cantonment Railway & Bus Station, Shivaji Nagr, Hebbal & Majestic Railway Station, in Karnataka State, where iNNER-EYE is serving food everyday especially during the pandemic COVID-19, we served cooked food to more than 11,000 people.

Everyday more than 260-300 homeless people are being fed (at lunch/dinner time) in different locations and they are completely helpless & hardly surviving by getting little amount of food here or there. Under the cause “Feeding Homeless & Disabled People”, iNNER-EYE is to continue – serving food to 1,11,600 people in the Karnataka State annually.

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Humanitarian Volunteer Team @ Haryana

"More than a Didigital Marker, I am a Social Worker -- working for helpess volunerable people, disables & old-age people in the Indian states via iNNER-EYE; join with me to bring impact in people's lives."