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Executive Board is responsbile for all execution & implementations of the causes of iNNER-EYE. The Board is significantly pursuing all the implementations pronounced by the CEO. The Executives are the backbone of all programmes and its accomplishment. And they are working on different domains -- Sociology, Scientific Research, Digital Marketing and Library and Information Science and they all are young Executives are having more passion to help the Humanity with compassion & self-less service.



"All I desire -- before my life journey meets my funeral place, there must be a milestone where help-less people will have shelter, food & good health with peace of mind in their rest of life"



“Our quality of being united will face any disaster the earth meets -- privileged being part of iNNER-EYE."

Soumya Biswas


"To reduce the human society's burden of both communicable & non-communicable diseases by providing health education & early diagnosis."



“Our solidarity will empower people's life; join us to secure & work for the vulnerable human society."

Paramita Mandal


“iNNER-EYE fills me with gratitude & compassion to continue the work that we do to support the people."



“Every helping second in life has its own insight. Everyone has a story to tell in this world; not everyone takes the time to listen. In the end, the purpose of life will be fulfilled if we learn to sacrifice, not necessarily always, and help other people not for ourselves yet for themselves"

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