• Heavy rainfall, landslips and other rain-related accidents in south-central districts of Kerala -- Kottayam, Idukki and other regions, resulting human & livelihood losses.

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People need immediate respone for food, water, provisions, temporary shelter and rehabilitation

Kerala needs immediate Flood Relief & Response

The extremely heavy rain causing deadly landslides resulting lose of human, houses, forming lands and people become helpless looking for relief and immediate response. Children are among the dead. There are fears the death toll could rise further as many people are missing. Several houses were washed away and people became trapped in the district of Kottayam in Kerala state. Farmer has lot their home, land-forming and become helpless.

Your donation will be immediately utilized for flood relief

The Humanitarian Volunteers Team of iNNER-EYE and non-affected areas and other regions, people dedicated to helping disaster survivors and reducing their sufferings. The Disater Relief -- Spontaneous Volunteers Team volunteer their time freely to beneft another person, group, or organization on the emergency fields.

Food, Water & Clothes Supply

iNNER-EYE supplies food, water & clothes to the needy people on the emergency sites.

Provisions & Essential Kits

Distributing provision and other essential kits to the people who have lost house, forming lands.

Temporary Shelter & Rehabilitation

For the home-less, iNNER-EYE is preparing temporary shelter and helps to support rehabiliate their environment & house.

Disaster Relief Fund - Kerala:
Help the people for food, provisions and rehabilitation

Causes that need your
urgent attention

We are the people here to help and aid our volunerable people with the help of people's support & compassion; to extend our humanitarian aid we need your continuous support to feed them and help them at the right time.

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